A Guide to Get Views on Instagram Reels for Free

Instagram Reels is the latest feature on Instagram. It’s a 15-second video clip maker, for your followers, or for everyone in the Explore tab. Instagram lets you edit the video with music, AR effects, drawings, texts, and stickers, and are weaved in together to tell a story.

Here is a summary about reels:

  • They’re short-form video content in full 9:16 portrait mode.
  • They can be from 3–15 seconds in length.
  • They can be filmed directly within the Reels camera and/or uploaded from your camera roll on your mobile device.
  • They can be filmed as one full take or a series of takes stitched together.
  • They’re mobile-only. They can only be uploaded on mobile devices.

If you want views on your Instagram reels for free, you will have to work as much. You can buy Instagram likes for your reels as well;. We’ve created a list of how you can get more views on your Reels. With this list, learn how to get views on your reels super fast.

  • Switch To A Public Account
  • Use Hashtags
  • Reuse Videos
  • Start A Challenge
  • Partner Up With Influencers
  • Create Engaging Content
  • Announce Giveaways
  • Bonus: A Hack

Switch To A Public Account

The first step to getting more views on your reels is to make your account public. With a public account, when you share your Reels, you get to share it to the Explore feed.

Sharing your Reels to the Explore feed makes it easier for people who don’t follow you to discover and engage with your content.

Another added benefit to switching to a public account is that people can use your original videos to make their Reels. The more your audio will be shared, the more people will discover your original audio (since you get credit for it).

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are very important to make your content discoverable by users on Instagram.

Find and use hashtags that are relevant to your content. If you choose irrelevant hashtags, your content will be disregarded by your audience, as it wouldn’t be what they were expecting.

In other words, you’ll either be seen as spamming an unrelated hashtag for exposure (a turnoff) or nobody will find your content.

To find the right hashtags to use for your Reels, head to:

Reuse Videos

You might have spent a lot of time and effort making video content for your Instagram or your other social media pages. Now, you can use these videos to their fullest potential.

You can edit your video content for Instagram reels. It can be a “throwback” or a “flashback” reel. Reusing videos is a great way to share something different with your audience without having to create entirely new content. When you feel like you are running out of content ideas, you can edit these videos and post the reels.

Start A Challenge

You can always start a challenge on Reels. People love challenges and there’s no reason why your challenge won’t be a hit.

This way, you will be able to get people to engage with your reels more and more. As the challenge becomes popular, people will interact with your reels more, getting you more views.

Alternatively, you can take part in a trending challenge and post it on your Reels. This will get you views.


Partner Up With Influencers

Reach out to people on Instagram who have a large number of following, and great engagement- Influencers. When you choose an Instagram influencer to collaborate with, make sure to choose somebody your audience will enjoy.

It is an effective way to increase the reach of the content you make. This is because your product is directly introduced to already established followers who are interested in your niche. When an influencer promotes your content, people believe the credibility of the content, because they put their faith in the Instagram influencer, to be honest with them.

Create Engaging Content

Your content needs to stand out. While there are millions of people scrolling through Instagram, what will bring their attention to your reels? The key to getting more views is by creating engaging content. It should be consistent, high-quality, and aesthetically appealing. Some tips to create engaging content:

Aesthetically pleasing content: Your videos should have aesthetically pleasing colors, and your content should be entertaining. You don’t want to bore your audience.

Quality of the photos: Your videos should be high-quality. Avoid shooting blurry videos.

Other tools: You can use GIFS and stickers. Instagram lets you add texts, GIFS and stickers to your reels. Use that to your advantage.

Captions: One of the most important parts of your reel is the caption. It should be engaging, inviting, and friendly.

Announce Giveaways

This is one of the easiest ways to create engagement with your followers. And for them to view your reels.

To get your followers to interact with your content, you can host giveaways. The trick to getting more views is by making the prize desirable.

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